Substation Automation Systems

Our Features:

  • Preparation of system architecture, IO list and design.
  • Documents Development of HMI screens and SCADA.
  • Database SCADA Configuration and Engineering.
  • Integration, testing and validation Staging, commissioning and user acceptance tests.

Individually bays are connected to individual SCADA modules or IEDs that are capable of acquiring bay-level data & communicating in a digital format.
The use of common open protocol – IEC61850 enables formation of a common data bus, seamlessly integrating these individual components to form a distributed monitoring & controlling system. The communication ports of these IED’s can be connected to the master computer using appropriate communication medium. Communication medium can be RS485, Copper cable, Fibre-optic, Ethernet or any other medium.

Our Substation Automation solution can integrate with protection relays/ IEDs or Meters from various vendors, which support standard protocols to provide additional protection data & powerful fault analysis.

The supported protocols are IEC61850, IEC60870-5-103, DNP3, MODBUS etc. It is possible to forward all parameters to a central control or to a separate system like GIS. Our substa- tion automation solution is extremely user-friendly Software and works in a point-n-click environment.