Service support for IED

Venson Electric for more than three decades now has been the reputed manufacturer and supplier of control and relay panels for the system voltages up to 220KV to all the utilities and leading EPC's in India. We have developed expertise in testing, configuring, implementing and post warranty support of IED's. We provide the service support of all the leading relays like ABB, Siemens, GE, AREVA etc.

The main activities carried out are :

  • To provide service/product support for all Numerical relays.
  • Understand the customer complaint information.
  • Attend the customer complaint by making an onsite visit, telephonic support or email support.
  • The activities include installation, testing and commissioning of the relay.
  • The engineer will meet the customer requirements as per schedule and priorities given.
  • Call report documentation would be as per standard templates provided.
  • All necessary technical inputs and training needs to be provided.

Our service engineers have on working experience in standard test kit equipment, site experience in setting the application, perform acceptance test covering all the technical activities of control relay.

We cover the complete cycle of servicing right from accessing the activity, proposal building and simulation of the required environment, project management, installation, commissioning, testing, post implementation support and annual maintenance contract.

We cater to the needs of servicing needs in the following scenarios:

  • The exiting relays or meters replacement to the new IED's in retrofitting jobs
  • Servicing of the IED's in case of new/changed functionality to be incorporated, configuration to be updated in the software
  • The faulty IED are replaced with a new one, here the new IED needs to be synchronized with the existing IED.
  • Configuring the IED in a new substation to incorporate the system functionality as per the guidelines in design. The new application setting, testing of IED as per testing guidelines.
  • Regular or periodic maintenance of IED as a preventive.
  • We cover the relays in generation, transmission and distribution sectors.
  • We provide a comfortable feel to our customers by providing the utmost transparency in our activities, right from information our project milestones, activity updates, documentation of all the activities and keeping informed about the actions for preventive maintenance.
The benefits our customers reap in Venson relationship are:

  • One stop solution for all the protection relay related concerns
  • The job being handled by the team experts in the industry who have a know-how in various situations from their field experience
  • The experienced project manager managing the team with efficient management practice in guiding and providing technically expertise.
  • Our motto is to develop less disruptive environment and gear up customers for preventive maintenance
  • Enable you towards energy efficient measures
  • Provide complete guidelines for improved equipment operation and there by handle both planned and unplanned disruptions